• Chen, Fengru

    Moderator of Wuhan Radio and Television "Wuhan News" "China Time". National level announcer. Wuhan Laomo, member of the Youth League. Vice President of Wuhan University emba Reading Association.


    11-30 / 2018

  • Wu, Shining

    The producer and host of the "Military Intelligence Watch" program director of the Comprehensive Broadcasting and Broadcasting Department of Jiangsu Provincial Radio and TV Station won the first prize of Jiangsu Broadcasting News Award, the first prize of Jiangsu Broadcasting Social Program, the first prize of Jiangsu Radio Show, Jiangsu Province. Various awards such as the top ten producers of the Radio and Television General Station. The "Military Observations" program he produced and hosted has always ranked the first Internet audio app in the country - the top 20 clicks on FM clicks and the first hit on Jiangsu radio programs. By August 2018, the total number of hits in the program has exceeded 4.2. Billions of times, the number of fans is more than two million.


    11-30 / 2018

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